Water Heaters

There are a number of things to consider when preparing for a hot water heater installation. The water heater in your home is used all of the time and should provide ample hot water during peak hours without costing too much to operate.
Tankless water heater

Do you want a tank or tankless water heater?

  • The tank water heaters usually hold 40 or 50 gallons of water at a preset temperature that is usually set between 120 to 130 degrees. When you use the hot water it is taken from the tank and replaced with cold water which is then heated. You need to choose the size that corresponds with the peak hour of hot water use in your home.
  • You need to choose between gas and electric for your tank water heater. If you are already set up for gas then your old heater will typically be set up on gas as well. In years past gas water heaters were preferred over electric simply because gas was cheaper to operate over electric water heaters. New products currently on the market have changed this thinking especially if your home has PV solar panels and you generate a surplus of electricity. Electric hybrid heat pump water heaters are available now which make how water more efficiently than standard electric water heaters of the past and present.
  • A tankless water heater also known as instantaneous heats the cold water as needed so you do not have to pay to store the hot water but the cost is significantly higher.  We typically recommend these when a lot of hot water is needed or when trying to save space. Over time you will save some money with this option but it typically takes several years to reach your breakeven point.
  • At TOBIN, we typically install Rheem or AO Smith tank/storage type gas water heaters, 40 gallon heaters start at $1850 and 50 gallon at $1950 depending on the situation in your home.
  • For tankless water heaters, also known as instantaneous water heaters, we carry Navien, Rinnai, Rheem or any other brand you would like. Instantaneous water heaters typically start at $4950.
Gas Water Heater Install in Denver
TOBIN can help you decide what kind of water heater is best for your family based on your needs and budget. Depending on the season we can usually do same day installation or the next day.

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