Heat pumps provide the highest quality heating and cooling in one piece of technology, saving you money year-round and improving the quality of air in your home.

During the summer, the heat pumps we install function similar to a central air conditioner, providing consistent cooling. During the colder months the heat pump works like a highly cost-efficient furnace.

What is a Heat Pump?

In the simplest terms, a heat pump is a piece of HVAC equipment that transfers heat from outdoors to indoors and vice versa, working as both a furnace and air conditioner, with a device known as a reversing valve.  There are air to water units without reversing valves.  Also, ground source and water source heat pumps.  The two main types of ground source heat pumps are horizontal and vertical, while the water source heat pumps come in two main variations: open and closed loop.

Tobin provides:

MiniSplit Heat Pump Installation and Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air Source Heat Pump:

Denver Heat Pump installation cost can range from $6,200 to $24,500 on average, which typically include the installation of an outdoor heat pump condenser, materials, labor & tax.

Most Air Source Heat Pump units require a newer furnace to function at high efficiency. If your furnace is newer than 5-years old, it may be compatible with an air source heat pump system.

If your house has duct work and a forced-air heating system, air-source heat pumps retrofit into your existing HVAC infrastructure. If you don’t have duct work, consider a mini split system. Mini split systems use the same approach as an air source but they are for houses without a forced-air heating system.

Dual Fuel Air Source Heat Pump is a forced-air heating system that has a gas furnace and an outdoor heat pump unit. These dual fuel systems are the optimal and the most common choice for most homeowners in Colorado. The gas furnace heat the house with a lower cost during the extreme weather events and the heat pump will handle the milder temperatures using electricity.

If you have a solar array, heat pumps can utilize unused power generated by solar for your heating system and lower your energy bill.

Fully electrified air source heat pumps are available as well.

MiniSplits are typically ductless systems designed to electrify homes with no ductwork.

Single zone (one indoor unit and one outdoor unit) range in price from $3800 for an air source heat pump to $18,500 for a cold climate air source heat pump.  Multi-zone (multiple indoor units and one outdoor unit) range in price from $8500 for an air source heat pump to $26,500 for a 4 zone cold climate air source heat pump.

Heat Pump Incentives: Currently, in Colorado, based on eligibility, there are three incentives for heat pumps:

Xcel Energy Rebates (up to $2,200 per system)

Denver Heat Pump Rebates (up to $3,500 for Denver residents)

Federal Incentives (Inflation Reduction Act, Energy Star Program)

$2000 Federal Tax credit

Each of these programs help pay for a significant amount of upfront costs.