Do you need your air conditioner serviced or replaced?

Servicing or installing your central air conditioner

We are currently coming into air conditioning season.  Having an efficient cooling system will provide you the proper cooling output without having to pay extra when running the a/c.   You should turn on your a/c before it gets real hot to avoid having to wait to get service once it does get hot if it turns out you need service. 

How do you know if you need air conditioner service?

Do not turn the a/c on if the temperature outside is below 70 degrees. You could turn it on briefly if the temperature is above 55 to see if it is working.  Check to see if the air coming out of the vents is cool.

Set the thermostat to 72 if your home is currently at 75 and you are expecting for the temperature to go up into the 80’s. You may have to wait for 24 to 48 hours after starting  your a/c to dry out the humidity in the home and get a true feel for how the unit is operating.  If the home does not seem to be cooling down properly you are most likely in need of service.

Once the temperature outside really starts warming up you may want to cool your home down earlier in the day.  For example, If you are going to run your oven and cook, because of the heat gain from the oven you may want to turn on the a/c earlier in the day.  If you have the saver switch from Xcel they can start cycling your a/c power during high peak demands from 2 to 9 as needed.

Be sure to pull the shades on the windows and make sure you do not leave your door open so that the cool air does not escape.

Air Conditioner Installation

Installing central air conditioning:

If you currently use a window air conditioning unit or a portable air conditioner to cool your home, you’re missing out on an opportunity for both comfort and efficiency. Central air conditioning systems are designed to operate with a much higher efficiency than window units.

Window units are not usually the right size for the room they’re in. That alone can cut efficiency by quite a bit. These portable a/c units are not held to the same efficiency standards as central air conditioners.

The correct sized air conditioner is important:

A new central air conditioner should be the right size for your home if you want it to cool the space efficiently. That means that it shouldn’t be too small, as it won’t be strong enough to cool the area and may run nonstop in an attempt to do so.

It also shouldn’t be too large. An air conditioner that is too large may start and stop repeatedly, which wears down the components and is not as efficient.  Our technicians can make sure you get the right sized unit for your home.

Check the SEER rating:

A/C units that have a higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) are better.  These units will cost more upfront, but it’s worth it over the long term.  Choose a SEER rating of 16 or higher for the best results if you are planning on staying in the home.

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