UV light sources: Fight spread of COVID-19

How TOBIN can help with UV light sources to fight spread of COVID-19

Ultraviolet Light sources are the best and most effective way to kill airborne coronavirus indoors.  Now, TOBIN can help protect your friends and family at home and in the work space with your furnace and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  We do this by adding  UVC to your current HVAC system.

According to NPR, research shows disinfecting surfaces may not be worth it as COVID-19 is unlikely transmitted from surfaces.  If a person infected with the coronavirus sneezes, coughs or talks loudly, droplets containing particles of the virus can travel through the air and eventually land on nearby surfaces. But the risk of getting infected from touching a surface contaminated by the virus is low, says Emanuel Goldman, a microbiologist at Rutgers University.

So, instead of worrying about cleaning surfaces, we are better off paying attention to cleaning the air circulating through our ventilation systems.

“Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the use of ultraviolet (UV) energy (electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light) to kill or inactivate viral, bacterial, and fungal species.”                                                                                                                   – ASHRAE Journal

“People MUST become aware of danger and cost of polluted indoor air.”

                                                                                                                                                –World Health Organization

“Over 1/3 of our annual national health bill can be attributed to polluted air.”

-American Medical Association

We live and work in areas fill of pollutants that cannot escape.  People breathe them, suffer from them and TOBIN Heating and Air Conditioning has a solution for them.  We recommend high-intensity germicidal UVC to kill and deactivate germs, mold and viruses. It is trusted in hospitals and available to both residential commercial consumers alike. Call TOBIN today 303-893-5675 for a technician to come out to your home or workplace to estimate the cost of adding germicidal UVC to your HVAC system.

APCO air purifier starts at $799 installed.  PremierOne starts at $599 installed.

Gas Furnace Installation

Having an issue with your furnace not working?  Call and we will be on our way.  We’re dedicated to keeping our customers  worry free and safe.  We prioritize service calls and do our best to get out to you ASAP and at least within 24 hours.  Your Lakewood or Denver home needs a reliable gas furnace heating system to keep up with the freezing winter temperatures.  If you are in need of a new or upgraded gas furnace system for your home, call TOBIN Heating & Air Conditioning today (303) 893-5675.  We will fix your current furnace if that is what you would like and we can give you an estimate on a new furnace  as well.

Gas Furnace Installation

      • Our pricing is typically at least 15% less than other HVAC companies.
      • Financing options available.
      • We guarantee and stand by our work.
      • Our technicians have the latest training and are highly skilled HVAC technicians.

Is your current propane, oil or natural gas furnace more than 15 years old?  If so, you may want to consider upgrading to a new energy efficient  ENERGY STAR®-rated model, or convert your system from oil to gas professionally.  A new furnace can save you 30% on your annual heating cost. An old furnace can be expensive with costly repairs.   A new furnace will significantly reduce  your natural gas bill for years to come.  TOBIN can provide custom duct work and design accommodations when implementing a new gas furnace installation in your home.  We also provide a FREE ESTIMATE on new or replacement installations.  So if you’re interested in updating your system, here’s what you can expect.

Our new gas heating installations are turn-key and include the following:

      • City and/or county permits
      • Major brands of equipment
      • Custom design work based on your individual needs
      • Custom Duct work
      • Gas conversions (from oil)
      • Post-installation inspections- maintenance recommended, but optional at an additional cost

Fall Furnace Preventive Maintenance

Fall Furnace Preventive Maintenance

Fall is here and winter is coming. Now, more than ever is the best time to check and change your furnace filter.  The continuous spread of wild fire smoke has your filter working overtime to filtrate out the air circulating in your home.  Preventive maintenance on your HVAC system keeps your furnace working at peak efficiency.

Have a NATE-certified TOBIN technician come out and inspect your system.  With Colorado’s unpredictable weather, preventive maintenance is your insurance against costly repairs and break-downs.

Do you know what condition your furnace is in? Getting an expert opinion means you will know exactly what you’re dealing with.  It means you know whether your furnace is safe to operate and have peach of mind it is not going to leave you without heat when you need it the most.  Seasonal maintenance helps extend the life of your furnace, if done from the get-go on new equipment.

We recommend checking and changing your furnace filter as needed every other month.  That is the extent of what’s expected of you as the homeowner, beyond that duty, you should call a professional to head off any other of the following warning signs it might be time to replace your furnace.

Aurora and Parker AC Repair
Top 10 Warning signs:

  1. Age of your furnace
  2. Operating cost
  3. Cold spots in your house
  4. Frequent repairs
  5. Dry or dusty house
  6. Smells from the furnace
  7. Burner flame yellow instead of blue (inside the furnace)
  8. How your family feels
  9. Sound of your furnace, is it loud?
  10. Rust or corrosion

These warning signs can be the clue that something is wrong, but not mean you must replace your furnace.  Instead, it could just need a cleaning, especially a unit just a few years old, what an impact a cleaning can make.  Call today and have TOBIN come perform a maintenance inspection.

Boiler Repair and Service experts in Metro Denver

We know boilers and have been doing boiler repair and service since 1954. 

Using advanced testing equipment to supplement our extensive knowledge of boilers, our NATE certified technicians are trained to make necessary repairs while looking out for problems that may develop in the future.

If you need boiler service, boiler repair, boiler replacement or new boiler system installation, Tobin has you covered. We work with all brands and types of boilers.

At Tobin, we believe in providing quality work that we back with our one-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

  • Boiler Inspection Regular Price $255
  • Promotion price $155 save $100
  • Crawlspace $40 extra 


  • Boiler Repair and Service expertsStart-up boiler, check operation
  • Check make-up water
  • Visually inspect pressure relief valve
  • Check expansion tank
  • Check current code requirements
  • Check zone valve(s) operation
  • Check for properly installed plumbing
  • Check wiring and controls
  • Check condition and operation of pressure and temperature gauges
  • Boiler cleaning: not included (will be quoted when recommended)
  • Bleeding when required on system (not included Cost TBD)

When you call us for the job, we’ll provide an upfront price that’s based on the job, not the hour. We’ll even call or shoot you a text 30 minutes before arriving, so you know exactly when to expect us. In the event of a boiler emergency, our team is also available 24/7 to assist you!


  • Emergency Boiler Repair Service
  • Planned Boiler Maintenance
  • Project Supervision
  • Combustion Efficiency Tune-up
  • Tube Replacement and Vessel Repair – (ASME) and National
  • Preventive Boiler Maintenance
  • Control System Modernization
  • Refractory
  • On-Site Valve Repair
  • Start-Up Service
  • Complete Installation

TOBIN Celebrating 65 years in business!

As the 3rd generation of owners operating TOBIN Heating & Air Conditioning, we still enforce TOBIN’s original mission: “Quality and Service.”  With the longevity, that mission was stretched into “Quality and Service since 1954.” 

We want to build customer relationships for life.  We strive daily to please our customers and impress people with how we handle ourselves.  The number of word-of-mouth referrals we are given from satisfied customers says it all, TOBIN knows how to do things right! TOBIN takes care of its customers, that’s the only way you can be in business for 65 years. We prioritize customer satisfaction.

We partner with the best equipment in the industry.  We can back, along with the manufacturer, our preferred equipment with a 10 Years Parts and optional 10-year Labor Warranty*. That puts our customers’ minds at ease and that has always been a goal for the company.  With a good quality installation and regular maintenance, the customer mind is eased they are not going to have expensive repairs.

We keep up with technological advances, whether it is the latest smart thermostat or newest filtration technique, we are in the know.  We send our Technicians to be educated on the newest trends and obtain licenses and authorization to offer those high-tech, state-of-the-art products.

We employ highly trained technicians: all of TOBIN Technicians are NATE-certified, having graduated from HVAC school and beyond.  They get in-field experience and continuous education to maintain such credentials.

We offer affordable HVAC service and installs, financing also available.

  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Licensed and insured HVAC contractors
  • Over 65 years industry experience
  • A.T.E certified company
  • Family owned and operated
  • Flexible appointments
  • Prompt service
  • Flexible Financing options
  • 10-year parts and labor warranty* (additional cost on labor warranties)
  • We service all makes & models
  • Wide selection of parts and equipment

R22 or Freon is being phased out

If your air conditioner was installed before 2010 and it is in need of repairs than you should read this article to save yourself some money.  Older A/C use R22 refrigerant which is a chemical gas that keeps the cold air coming out from your air conditioning system. Almost all air conditioning units older than 2010 use an AC refrigerant called R22 that’s also called Freon, and is noted by the EPA as HCFC-22.

R22 or FreonR22 refrigerant is aiding in the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. The EPA in cooperation with other agencies around the world started a phase out of many ozone-depleting agent as part of an international agreement known as the Montreal Protocol.  By 2010 the production and import of R22 charged units became prohibited, still allowing the production of “dry units”. The production and import of R22 will be reduced by law until 2020.  At this time all production and import will be completely eliminated.

If your A/C equipment was produced prior to January 2010 your best option is to buy an upgraded, more environmentally-friendly system that uses R410a. Tobin Heating & Air Conditioning has financing options that help make the purchase affordable.

Currently, you can earn up to $600 in rebates for high-efficiency cooling systems from Xcel energy. We are a select contractor who can help you get this rebate. Plus you can receive up to $200 more when you purchase an Amana or Lennox A/C system when you use our coupon.

When is it time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not you need to replace your air conditioner, the first being the age of the A/C unit. Most A/C units usually last about 15 years, so if your system is approaching the 10 plus year mark you should look at your options for A/C replacement. Instead of spending a lot of money fixing an old system now is the time to get a brand energy efficient system today.

You can see more information here:


Denver’s Most Trusted & Affordable HVAC Service

TOBIN employs HVAC master technicians who are highly trained in their profession and are capable of performing their work at an entirely higher level than most technicians.  All of our technicians are clean-cut, uniformed, and licensed. In most cases, we can respond to your service needs immediately, seven days a week.

We guarantee to stand behind every job we perform and fix any problem.

Denver's Most Trusted & Affordable HVAC Service

We offer the following warranties on all of our installations.

With every installation of new HVAC equipment, a furnace, air conditioning system, water heater or humidifier, TOBIN offers a 1-year labor warranty, assuming proper maintenance is being performed.  The  equipment manufacturer offers either a 5 or 10 year parts warranty accompanying the equipment, non-maintenance.

  • Most furnaces and air conditioners are 10 years.
  • Water heaters are 6 years parts.
  • All residential rooftop equipment is 5 years.
  • All installs are up to code for the city or county that you are in.

On HVAC repairs, with exception of leaks in A/C’s ,  including blower motors, inducer motors, gas valves and igniters we provide a 90 day warranty.  If the same part fails,(within 1 year) we will get the part covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

We get most of our new business from referrals from happy clients.  We are regularly told that our bid for a new furnace installation was 15%  to 30% less than our competitors.  So we end up saving our clients a thousand dollars or more most of the time.

We’re known as “The Technicians You Want in Your Home” and our all of our technicians are clean-cut, uniformed, drug tested, wear ID Badges and are licensed.

Our Up-Front Pricing Helps You Make Informed Decisions. We will quote you an exact price before we do any work. You will know how much it will cost to repair your air conditioner, furnace, or anything else we work on.

We’re Building Customers for Life. Tobin has been in business since 1954. Our warranties are always among the longest in the industry, and our commitment to your satisfaction is unbeatable. You can count on the same expert service every time you call. There’s no better choice for heating and air conditioning in the Denver metro area.

Call Today  303.893.5675


Is your furnace working properly?

Make sure it is running properly

It is time to start your furnace and make sure it is running properly and starting when the temperature drops

HVAC Checkup

Furnaces need routine maintenance and testing.  The igniter can go bad, the flame sensor can get corroded, and the induced draft motor can fail to start the furnace.  Make sure you turn on the furnace and let it start itself on by setting the temperature above what the thermostat is currently reading.  Let it run for awhile to make sure it is heating the house properly and that it is shutting off.

If it doesn’t start up make sure the furnace blower switch is turned on.  If this doesn’t solve the problem you might as well call a reputable firm for a fall furnace tune-up.  When the technician comes out they will do some tests for you and see if there really is a problem.  It might be something as simple as a fuse has blown or the spark igniter is not working properly.  These are quick inexpensive fixes and you will get a tune up while the technician is out.  If the company that comes out quotes you an expensive repair you might want to read reviews on the company and get a second opinion.  Not all companies are as trustworthy as Tobin air.

You should also change your furnace filter at this time.  The typical life of a furnace filter is 3 months. The best way to gauge how often the furnace filter needs to be changed is to check it often and see how dirty it looks compared to a new filter.

Do not let the  filter get to the point where when you hold it up to the light and 50% of the light is visible looking through the filter.

A good rule of thumb if you live in Denver, CO is to replace the filter in the fall when you start running the furnace. Replace it again at the end of January. If you forget to check it again at least you are changing it twice a year. This should be good enough to make sure it is relatively clean.  If you have central air conditioning, then it’s a good idea to check the filter monthly in the summer  to make sure it is clean as well.  Changing every 2-3 months is usually sufficient. Make sure you change your filter regularly and look at the filter as it has an arrow on it as to which way the filter should be placed into the filter box for correct air flow through the filter.

Call Tobin HVAC today to schedule a fall seasonal tune up and  inspection special through October 31st for $109.  Call  303.893.5675.