The cost of a standard efficiency gas furnace with installation starts at $3295 and a high efficiency gas furnace starts at $4100. This includes a standard installation with no extras. Any code upgrades or additional work such as new duct-work are extra. If you are wondering what the biggest factor is in the cost of a furnace it is the brand. We can help you choose the best furnace for your situation when you give us a call. We offer financing on furnaces through Service Finance Company, LLC.
Furnace pricingMost furnace and a/c replacement are covered with a 10 year parts and 1 year labor warranty.
• All installs are up to code for the city or county that you are in.
• We carry most brands of equipment. Most installs are custom based on the needs and design of your home.
• We install traditional or state of the art wireless thermostats to enable an a/c to be added as well.
This pricing is in effect through 2019.

We get most of our new business from referrals from happy clients. We are regularly told that our bid for a new furnace installation is 15% to 30% less than our competitors. So we end up saving our clients a thousand dollars or more most of the time.

With a 95% high efficiency furnace there is an Xcel rebate available for a max of $700 good until the end of March2019, at that time it goes back down to a max of $400.

Depending on the age of the furnace the efficiency can be at low as 50%, however most furnaces that are 30 years or newer are at least 70% efficient. So at 70% efficient 30 cents out of every dollar spent on gas is lost where as at 95% efficient 5 cents out of every dollar is lost. So if you spend $500 on gas to heat your home for one year, going from a 70% to 95% will save you $125 in the year.

Your Benefits
Rebates help with the initial cost of equipment
Buying a 95% efficient furnace with EC Motor protects you from the potential of future rising energy costs
EC Motors are less expensive to run than conventional furnace fans
Quieter operation thanks to a lower fan speed
Improved comfort with less temperature fluctuation, maintaining a more even temperature
Your Average Savings
These upfront rebates help you save on the cost of more efficient equipment. You are also expected to save energy and money every year for about 18 years – the average life of a furnace.
Average sized 95% efficient furnace savings are shown here, compared to the baseline 80% efficient new furnaces. Here’s a breakdown of the savings:
$5.24 per dekatherms (unit measure for natural gas)
x $19.73 dekatherms per year for an average sized 95% efficient furnace
$ 103.39 per year
x 18 years
$1,861 in savings if energy prices remain the same
In addition, a new EC Motor in a new furnace could provide savings for about 18 years. If you put a new EC Motor into an existing furnace, the savings last for an average of seven years. That’s an estimated total of $585 if energy prices remain the same.
$0.103 per kilowatt-hour (unit of measurement for electricity)
x 812 kilowatt per year for an average sized furnace and AC system $83.63 per year
X 18 years $1,505 in savings if energy prices remain the same

* Project must be invoiced/installed between January 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019 to qualify for a bonus rebate. Deadline to submit an application is April 4, 2019.