I’ve used Phil and his team several times over the past year. Tobin installed a dual stage furnace in our current home and it has been a great change over the old single stage furnace. Well worth it! The pricing was competitive, and they were on time, pleasant, and tidy. Tobin’s work passed city inspection on the first try, no issues. That is important! Tobin also installed a/c in our home that has never had it, which was complicated by the way the home was built, and Phil figured out a cost effective way to do it. Thank you! Tobin has also repaired the furnace at my rental, and Mason the repair tech has gone the extra mile to get us up and running at a fair price, and was very good at working with the tenant in my absence. I recommend Tobin to all my friends!

Marc Wright

I’ve used Tobin heating for 6 years. I have called them a handful of times when my heat stopped working completely and they have always fixed it very quickly. I’ve also used them for routine maintenance and that’s been very easy. Their people are very nice and willing to explain the details to you, in addition to getting it fixed. I’ve seen the same 3 guys come out repeatedly which is great because they retain knowledge of past issues with our system. They have truly been the best home service company I’ve worked with, and with an older house I’ve worked with a lot!

Mary Beth Peffer

I would highly recommend Tobin! During a heat wave in Denver they were quick to follow up and provide assistance. Through the whole process Phil took the time to explain the issues to me, as well as a path to resolution and he was extremely efficient in getting everything running properly again. The whole team is kind, customer-focused, and professional. I love a local, family-owned business that you can trust and Tobin was incredible from start to finish!

Daralynne Harris

We highly recommend Tobin Heating & Air Conditioning! They installed our air conditioner and serviced our existing furnace. Excellent customer service! Very kind and courteous and always on time. Phil calls prior to arriving. Explained the installation process for the air conditioner. Works perfect! Did maintenance on the furnace also. Very reasonable pricing. We’ll always use Tobin Heating & Air Conditioning!

Luann Palizzi Foos

Family owned and operated, great service; when you call them on the phone or someone shows up you can be sure that they are being held accountable by the owner and family. Just had Phil come out to take a look at my AC condenser that was not allowing by handler to blow cold air. After listening to his initial assessment and being ware that the unit is 15+ years old I was prepared to go the replacement route. Phil was not satisfied with the initial solution, which was to give the compressor more power to start, and continued diagnostics despite the fact that the compressor was back to working order and was beginning to blow cold air. After assessing the results of his diagnosis, he recommended charging the unit and I am now enjoying a cool home for 10% of the replacement price. I will be calling Phil to come out and replace my aging unit in the next couple of years.

Christopher Sheppard

The third contractor was the charm. I had an AC that was blowing warm air and the first contractor estimated a complete replacement at a cost of $5,000. The second contractor showed up without a ladder and refused to look at the unit because it was a rooftop unit. Finally, Tobin H&C was scheduled and the techs troubleshot the unit and determined in 20 minutes that the thermostat was faulty and saved me $4,750. I can’t say enough about this company from the admin assistant to the techs…the customer servicer, professionalism, skills, and price was top notch. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Richard Aipperspach

Tobin certified our furnace with the previous owners of our home. Recently our furnace stopped working so we contacted Tobin to have them take a look at it. They were prompt and efficient and the service tech, Casey, replaced the power switch. The heater worked for a few days but returned to the intermittent pattern of working sometimes but not always. We contacted them and Phil, the service manager, reached out to me immediately. He was very responsive returned to identify and hopefully resolve the problem. He was able to get to the bottom of the issue immediately and he stayed at our house as long as it took to fix it. I appreciate the help, kindness, and reassurance that I received from both of the techs and the Tobin team, and we are incredibly grateful to have Phil come out and resolve it. We will be reaching out to them again if anything should come up (hopefully not…).

Rachel Johnston