Furnace early season tune- up and check up for $109

Furnace early season tune- up
Furnace early season tune- up and check up for $109

Furnace early season tune- up and check up for $109 (M-F)  from 8-3pm arrival.  Sept 17-October 31.

Furnace tune- up and check includes:

  • Tech inspects ignition system
  • Inspects heat exchanger
  • Checks gas piping and valve for leaks
  • Checks blower and motor
  • Includes 6 pt. electrical safety check

Add on Hot Water Heater inspection $30 on this same visit only:

  • Check for Leaks
  • Remove drain rust off bottom of heater
  • Check pressure relief valve
  • Check gas piping and valves for leaks

Our technicians are trained to evaluate your furnace to make sure it is operating at peak performance in order to maximize the life of the system and minimize the cost of operation.

Crawl space, roof and attic systems $20 extra. (8am-3pm M-F only).

Dog owners be careful where your dog urinates as it can destroy  your air conditioner

We have seen several outdoor AC condensers through the years that the coils have been damaged from dog urine. A system we installed 12 years ago was recently found empty of refrigerant. After doing some inspecting we found the coils had been broken down in 2 corners due to a dog urinating on it for a long time. It probably takes years of exposure but due to the corrosive nature of the urine the copper/aluminum coil became brittle causing it to fail and the refrigerant leak out. The customer had no choice but to replace the system.

We recommend that you watch where your pet goes and if it is on or near your a/c unit then take steps so that the dog is not peeing on the unit.  Preventive maintenance is the best measure in this case so that you do not run into an expensive repair or replacement of your a/c unit.