My air conditioner is not cooling the house down

If your house is not cooling down like before…

…then maybe your A/C has a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant takes on the heat from your home and sends it outdoors. So without enough of it, the system can’t perform as well. An AC works like a refrigerator. In the summer the system extracts the heat from the home and sends it outside. That is how the house gets cooled down.

Signs your air conditioner needs more refrigerant.

  • Your ducts are blowing warm air even when your A/C is running and your thermostat is set to cool.
  • Water is on the floor in places it should not be.
  • Your home takes a long time cool down.
  • Ice is present on the indoor evaporator coil, the copper lines running from the furnace/coil area to the outdoor condenser.
  • Higher electric bills due to your air conditioner running longer to cool the home.
  • Refrigerant systems are supposed to be permanently sealed, so none should escape. In very few cases, systems with a leak makes a distinct hissing/gurgling sound, but otherwise everything will sound normal.  If you do hear any sound around the refrigerant line, you should turn off the a/c and call for service.

The safest approach when you think there’s a leak is to call for an air conditioner service technician. A trained technician knows how to seal leaks, and can recharge the refrigerant safely.

If your home is not cooling down, then an air conditioner service call and a refrigerant recharge could solve the problem.

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